Acupressure mat "Peper mat"

Acupressure mat "Peper mat"

Viscoelastic acupressure mat Peper mat

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Hot like pepper? Only at first sight! "Tame" this stylish mat and it will become your good friend after day worries.

Acupressure mat Peper Mat is extremely soft - viscoelastic mattress is a unique feature of the Peper Mat.

The mat will help you:

  1. Reduce the back, 
  2. headache and muscle pain
  3. Relax after a hard day of work
  4. Improve quality of sleep
  5. Get rid of unpleasant coldness of the extremities
  6. Boost immunity and speed up recovery from coldsSpeed up metabolism

If you ask me how much time do I need to lie on the mat, I will answer: as long as you wake up. Yes, yes! Practice shows that acupressure mat  relaxes quickly, so people often dozes off. Do you believe now that you should not be scared of mat needles? Use the pad for about 10 minutes in the first week, and accustomed to acupressure - at least 15-20 minutes a day.

Peper mat pad is used to relax, reduce back pain and stiffness, bedridden patients in order to increase circulation, also with osteochondrosis and radiculitis.

In case of dizziness, complaining "branching", "calcification" neck use a mat under the upper back, and the neck is recommended to assist roller that makes good contact pad.

Does it hurt your leg, head and arm? Turn the mat, press down and hold for a while. You can change pad pin position. Cellulite? You can use acupressure mat to activate the blood circulation in problem areas.

Although peper mat is modeled on the ancient Eastern medicine techniques, but it is adapted to the each twenty-first century man. The main principle of operation of massage pad - acupressure, which activates stimulation of human blood and nerve centers.
It is convenient to use mat in the trip. If your suitcase runs out of space, just remove the mattress inside and use the Peper mat placing on the bed mattress. To wash the mat detach and remove the zipper inside the mattress. Then rinse with warm water, massaging and leave to dry.
Size: (40 x 70 cm).
Light natural color will fit any interior!
Made in Lithuania

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Acupressure mat "Peper mat"

Acupressure mat "Peper mat"

Viscoelastic acupressure mat Peper mat

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